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Quickly Clear the Cache for a Single Website in Google Chrome

The above video shows users how to clear the cache of a single website in Google Chrome without having to filter through all cache files.

The general method of clearing a page’s cache in your browser involves clearing you entire cache.  This means that you will be logged out of any online service that you have open (email, Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, etc.) – even if the service is not related to the website that needs a cache clear.

There is, however, a quick and easy alternative method to clearing the cache of the current website that you’re on in Google Chrome.

How to clear the cache of only the current webpage in Google Chrome:

  1. Access “Developer Tools” from the “View” menu
  2. Right click on the page refresh button in Chrome
  3. Select the option that says “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”
  4. Close the developer tools window

The alternative option would be to access Chrome’s entire cache (via Chrome preferences) and then sift through the files until you find the cache files for the site that you’d like to clear out.

In my opinion, it’s much more efficient just to quickly access the site that you’d like to clear, open developer tools, refresh the cache and then close developer tools.

This method should work for Google Chrome on any operating system (Mac OS, Windows, etc.) although the method of accessing developer tools may differ slightly, once in developer tools, the refresh button should function the same.

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