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How to Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

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How do I get rid of Facebook Timeline?

Since the public release of Facebook Timeline there have been mixed user reactions regarding the update but one of the most common questions related to the new interface is how to delete, remove, disable or get rid of Facebook Timeline.

Although I understand why many people are asking this question, I regret to inform all of you that no matter how hard you search for a solution, there is no way to get rid of Facebook Timeline.

It is a global change that is being rolled out to every single Facebook account and Facebook user.

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There are a few ways to “hide” Facebook Timeline and view the old version of Facebook but it is important to note that those methods only hide Facebook Timeline from you and not others that view your profile. The methods to hide Timeline are discussed below.

I do have some suggestions and tips for those of you who are upset about this drastic change to the Facebook user interface.

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  1. Prepare and Protect Your Facebook Timeline Profile
  2. Try Out Google+
  3. Delete Your Facebook Account
  4. Hide Facebook Timeline Using Plugins
  5. Be Patient and Keep an Open Mind

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