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How to Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

delete disable remove facebook timline
delete disable remove facebook timline
Many Facebook users are looking to find out how to delete, remove, disable or get rid of Facebook Timeline.

How do I get rid of Facebook Timeline?

Since the public release of Facebook Timeline there have been mixed user reactions regarding the update but one of the most common questions related to the new interface is how to delete, remove, disable or get rid of Facebook Timeline.

Although I understand why many people are asking this question, I regret to inform all of you that no matter how hard you search for a solution, there is no way to get rid of Facebook Timeline.

It is a global change that is being rolled out to every single Facebook account and Facebook user.

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There are a few ways to “hide” Facebook Timeline and view the old version of Facebook but it is important to note that those methods only hide Facebook Timeline from you and not others that view your profile. The methods to hide Timeline are discussed below.

I do have some suggestions and tips for those of you who are upset about this drastic change to the Facebook user interface.

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  1. Prepare and Protect Your Facebook Timeline Profile
  2. When Facebook Timeline was first released for developers, I wrote a tutorial on how to prepare your Timeline profile. I highly recommend you take a look at this article. One of the main aspects of Facebook Timeline that users are upset about is that, when the feature is first enabled, your privacy is compromised.

    This tutorial will help you protect your privacy while using Facebook Timeline and it will help you prepare your configure your profile so that only information you want to be available, is actually available.

  3. Try Out Google+
  4. I have been using Google+ since it was released for beta testing and, although I actually do like the Facebook Timeline update, Google+ is a great option for those who no longer want to be a part of the Facebook community. The interface is much simpler in comparison to the Facebook Timeline interface and Google+ integrates will all of the other Google Apps services.

    I’ve written lots of Google+ tutorials so if you’re really that upset about the direction Facebook is headed, create a Google+ account, add me to one of your Google+ circles and never look back!

  5. Delete Your Facebook Account
  6. If you’re really that upset about Facebook Timeline then you can always “stick it to the man” and delete your Facebook account altogether.

    I personally have not gotten to this point yet but I know many people are considering it. Before you decide to delete your account it is important to realize that you will not be able to recover your information. If you have pictures, comments or other Facebook activity that you would like to be able to access at a later date then do not delete your account.

  7. Hide Facebook Timeline Using Plugins
  8. There are a number of browser plugins, like the Timeline Remove Plugin for Google Chrome that hides Facebook Timeline and display the old version of Facebook.

    If you use one of these plugins, both your profile and everyone else’s profiles will appear to be in the old Facebook profile format. In reality however, these plugins are only masking Facebook Timeline and when other people view your profile, they will see the Timeline version.

    I advise you to be very careful when using these plugins because they really limit your ability to control your Facebook profile’s privacy and, if you can’t see your profile as others see it, you will never know how it looks to the public, your coworkers and family members.

  9. Be Patient and Keep an Open Mind
  10. There is no doubt that there are some privacy concerns with Facebook Timeline. Once you configure your visibility for past posts and become acquainted with the new interface, Facebook Timeline is really pretty cool. It allows more personalization and being able to look at your life in a timeline format is really quite interesting.

    Try to keep an open mind with Facebook Timeline and learn as much as you can about it before quitting Facebook altogether. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the new interface you may be surprised how much you end up enjoying it!

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