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Twitter Tutorial: @ Mentions and Interactions

Update: The tutorials below are still relevant but I recommend watching my most updated Twitter tutorial first and then refer back here for additional information.

The above Twitter video tutorial will cover how to use the @ mention feature of Twitter and an overview of interacting with other users on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The way in which Twitter is used is somewhat unique in comparison to other social platforms and this video series will cover all aspects of using Twitter.

This video tutorial is part 2 of a multipart video series produced regarding Twitter. As additional tutorials in the series are published, they will be linked to on this page.

Part 1: Introduction to Twitter

Part 2: Twitter @ Mentions and Interactions

Part 3: Using Hashtags on Twitter

Part 4: Twitter Privacy Settings

Part 5: Twitter Background and Header Template and Tutorial

This Twitter @ mention and interaction video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. What is the purpose of “@ mentions” on Twitter?
  2. How can you “@ mention” another Twitter user.
  3. How can you see who is “@ mentioning” you on Twitter?
  4. How does the “@ mention” feature increase the overall user interaction on Twitter?

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