How to copy and paste on Mac OS X using keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency and productivity.

Learning how to copy and paste on Mac OS X using keyboard shortcuts is something that will surely save you time and increase your productivity when working on your Mac OS X computer.

The copy and paste shortcuts on Mac OS X are very similar to those on Windows OS. The main difference is that on a Windows computer, the CTRL key is used and on a Mac computer, the command key is used.

That means that, in order to copy something on a Mac computer, the user must highlighted the desired text and press command + C. To paste the copied text or item, the user then needs to navigate to the location where they would like the text or item and press command + P.

The copied item will then be pasted in the selected location.

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Remember that if you need to select all of the text on an entire page, you can use the command + A keyboards shortcut to “select all”.

This can be more efficient than scrolling to highlight all text on a given page.

Also remember that files and folders can be copied and pasted as well – not just text and images.

If you memorize the keyboard shortcut for copy and paste on Mac OS X, regardless of the task you are trying to complete using your computer, you will definitely save some time!

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