Part 1 of the Gmail Video Tutorial Series 2013 - an introduction and overview of the Gmail user interface.

This Gmail video tutorial series for 2013 from covers all aspects of using Gmail in 2013.

From the very basics of navigating within Gmail to advanced settings features, this video series should provide you with all the knowledge necessary to be considered a Gmail pro!

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The video above is part 1 of the 2013 Gmail video tutorial series and serves as an introduction of Gmail and a walkthrough of the Gmail user interface.

Once you’ve finished watching this video, be sure to check out part 2 of the Gmail tutorial series which covers composing, sending and receiving emails in Gmail.

The following topics are covered in part 1 of the Gmail video tutorial series:

  1. Navigating within Gmail
  2. Explanation of the links / locations on the left side of Gmail
  3. How unread and read emails are displayed in Gmail
  4. How to access your Gmail contacts and tasks
  5. How to access your Gmail settings
  6. How to customize the appearance of your Gmail interface

As more parts of the 2013 Gmail Video Series are produced, they will be linked to from this page.

This video series is a follow-up to my 2012 Gmail Video Series due to user interface and feature updates implemented by Google since 2012.

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