How to Create a Mail Merge with Gmail and Google Drive / Docs

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How can I create a mail merge using Gmail and Google Drive / Docs?

This is one of the more common questions I’ve been asked lately related to Google Drive – especially for people and organizations that have recently migrated over to Google Apps from Outlook or a similar system.

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Is it possible to do a mail merge with Gmail and Google Drive?


The video tutorial below shows you how to create a mail merge in Gmail / Google Drive from start to finish but it is as simple as creating an email draft and then a spreadsheet containing all of yours users’ data.

In order to successfully complete a mail merge using these two integrated systems, a script must be applied to the Google Spreadsheet that you would like perform a mail merge with.

Many Google Drive mail merge scripts are available but the one that I prefer is called “Yet Another Mail Merge.”

Once your mail merge email draft is written using the associated Google Spreadsheet column headings – $%ColumnHeading% (as shown in the video), your data is completely filled out in the GSheet and the script is installed, you are ready to perform your mail merge!

Take a look at the video below for detailed instructions on creating a mail merge with Gmail and Google Drive!

If you would like to learn more about using Google Drive / Google Docs, please take a look at my 4 part video tutorial on using Google Drive in 2013.

If you have any questions regarding mail merges, Gmail or Google Drive, let me know in the comments section below or on the comments section on YouTube.

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7 Responses to "How to Create a Mail Merge with Gmail and Google Drive / Docs"

  1. Michel (@Creonidas) says:

    Hey Alex, I believe that the amount of e-mails is limited to 250 a day, is that correct?
    Greetz from The Netherlands, Michel (@Creonidas)

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      From what I've heard, I believe the limit is 500.

  2. Royce says:

    Thank you Anson this is very useful!! however when I mail merge with pictures the sent pictures are gone and it says INLINE IMAGE 6, INLINE IMAGE # just random numbers to all may pictures but the texts are still there. Is there a work around? The total size of the pictures when combined probably won't exceed 3mb.

  3. Sunil Menon says:

    Hi Alex,
    For the past several days I have been using the 'Yet another mail merge' script for sending bulk e-mails . I was successful in sending for the past many days . Since yesterday , I had noticed that a message of 'Invalid Client" pops up , every time I initiate the mail merge . I had tried using 3 gmail accounts , but same thing happens . Please advise what to do ?



  4. Dreams says:

    sir, this method is very useful ..

    can we use it with yahoo and hotmail ?

    if yes how do it?

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi Anson,
    I see that as of comments left in Sept 2013 there was no way to use Mail Merge to populate a Google Doc (as opposed to an email) with info from a Google Spreadsheet.

    Just wondering if this functionality was available yet, as I need hard copies of what I mail merge, not emails.


  6. Stavros says:

    Is there a way to track open rates with Yet Another Mail Merge? Or do you need to use another 3rd party tool like yesware.

    Thanks good video.

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