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How to Add Comments in Google Docs – Google Drive Tutorial [Video]

Update: The tutorial on this page is still relevant but I recommend watching my most updated tutorial on Google Drive first and then referring here for additional information.

Adding comments to Google Docs in Google Drive is a very important aspect of document collaboration.

Google Drive users can add comments to any type of Google Doc to discuss collaborative projects and communicate with other users without having to markup the actual document itself.

By default, when a user adds a comment to a Google Doc, all other collaborators of that document are notified and have the opportunity to reply and / or mark the comment as being resolved.

Users can highlight a particular part of a document and then right click to add a comment specifically regarding the section of the document in question.

Once a comment is marked as being resolved, it will no longer be visible directly inside of the document but users can click on the comments link at the top right corner of the screen to view all comments, both active and resolved, on a particular document.

Google Drive comments will also correctly export to Microsoft Word (.docx) format and vise versa.

The following aspects of commenting in Google Docs are covered in the above video:

  1. How to add a comment to a Google Doc
  2. How to respond to other users’ comments in Google Drive
  3. How to view resolved comments in Google Drive
  4. How to configure notifications for comments on a particular Google Doc

As a collaborative word processing tool, Google Drive greatly benefits from the commenting feature due to its incredible value when composing documents with other users.

Additional videos in the Google Drive video series will include detailed instruction on using all features of Google Drive including file storage, document creation and document sharing.

As more videos in the series are published, they will be linked to in this post.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section which features you’d like to see covered in the Google Drive tutorial series!

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