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How to Login to a Different Gmail Account

Learning how to login to a different Gmail account than your main account can be useful in situations where you need to use information from one account when performing a task in another.

Gmail (and all Google services) provide a multiple sign-in feature that can help you quickly switch between different Gmail / Google accounts but it does have limitations.

When using certain Gmail features and other Google services such as Google Drive and Google Calendar, you will constantly have to switch back and forth between accounts if you’re using them simultaneously.

If you have multiple accounts that you are using at different times, then the multiple sign-in feature should work well.

Alternatively, there is a workaround that I’ll explain that will allow you to use multiple Google / Gmail accounts at the same time without having to keep switching between accounts.

Login to another Gmail account with multiple sign-in

  1. While in Gmail, click on your account profile image in the top right corner.
  2. Click on Add another account and login with your second account.
  3. You can now switch between accounts with one click in the future from this dropdown.
  4. You can login to a maximum of 10 Google Accounts at once using multiple sign-in.

Login to multiple Gmail accounts using a private browser window

  1. Login to your primary account as you normally would.
  2. Open a private browsing window (incognito in Chrome).
  3. Go to gmail.com in the private window and login with your second account.
  4. Organize your screen so both windows are side by side.
  5. You now have full access to each account in it’s given window and will not have to use multiple sign-in to switch between accounts.

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