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How to Reply to YouTube Channel Comments

Replying to YouTube channel comments has been a challenge for a lot of YouTubers for years now.

Recently however, YouTube has released an update that has made responding to YouTube channel comments much easier and more efficient.

Make sure to check out the video above for a detailed tutorial on how to respond to YouTube comments using the new “Community” section within the YouTube Dashboard.

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If you navigate to your admin dashboard, you will see a section in the left sidebar called “Community”.

After clicking on this section you will be brought to a sub-section called “Comments”.

All of the comments posted to videos on your YouTube channel will be listed here and you can easily like and reply to the comments. If you’ve already replied, it will be listed as well so you can easily remember which comments you have already replied to.

Previously, I relied on email notification from YouTube in order to reply to relevant comments on my channel but this new system has made it so much easier!

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about the new YouTube update below!

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