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How to Unblock Gmail Contact from Chat List [Video]

The video tutorial above shows you how to unblock a gmail contact or user that has been blocked in the Gmail chat / hangout list.

Google recently updated the Gmail chat feature to integrate with Google+ hangouts. Users currently have the option of whether or not they want to upgrade to the new version of Gmail chat or not. Because of this, there are two different ways to unblock users in Google Chat depending on whether or not you’re upgraded to the new version or not.

The video above shows both how to unblock contacts in the old version of Gmail Chat and the new version of Gmail Chat.

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Although blocking a user is more straightforward in the old version of Gmail Chat, unblocking a user is not quite as user friendly. There is actually no specific “unblock” option in the old version, instead, user just have to search for the contact that they’ve blocked and click “show in chat list”. The contact will then be unblocked and re-added to your Gmail Chat list.

In the new version of Gmail Chat (Gmail Hangouts) users can simply click on the dropdown menu next to their own name in the chat section of Gmail and selected the option that says “blocked people”. This will bring the user to a list of all the blocked contacts and the user can then click the unblock option to re-add the user back into Gmail Chat Hangouts.

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